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About me

I am Gloria (27), I am Italian and I grew up in the north of Italy, in Milan. I moved to Germany when I was 19 y.o. and I studied Communication Design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, one of the best Art/Music/Dance school of the World. I still live in Essen, Germany and I work both as a designer and as an artist. As a designer I do corporate design, branding, advertising campaigns and interiors.

and musiklinie.

For the past two years I have been exploring different ways to translate music into something visible. My research drove me to develop a certain way to draw music that is pretty abstract, really spontaneous although intensively trained. I improvise together with musicians. It looks more or less like a jam session, the difference is that I am there with my brush, a glass of ink and a canvas. As for the Musiklinie improvisation, like in a session, no-one knows who will start to play or which tone will be played first: we listen to each other and compose together at the same time a melody and a picture. The improvisation is in the end like a dialogue, between music instruments and a brush and the drawing is simply a visual record, an echo of what happened, nothing more.