Gloria Ferraro

Gloria Ferraro | Musiklinie Kollektion, Shooting by fridge&plodge Gloria Ferraro | Musiklinie Kollektion, Shooting by fridge&plodge Gloria Ferraro | Improvisation im Haus Ninety6


I am Gloria, a short 26 y.o. Italian designer and perception artist based in Germany. I draw the music and do a lot of other things, except updating my website, sorry for that.

My newsletter.

Since I am much better with relationships than with writing html codes, last spring I started to write a Musiklinie letter to the super people outside there who support my art. The letter doesn’t want to be spam not even advertising, is more like we would meet for a hot tee in those German bars with fresh cut flowers in lemonade bottles and different chairs around the wood little tables and I would tell you how I spent the last months and what I discovered. I also always try to make you a little present coming along the letter. The next Letter is about my first fashion collection, the Musiklinie Kollektion. I let you a box below in case you would like to receive my letter.

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Would you like to learn more about Musiklinie?

I warmly reccomend you to read this Interview (in german) and visit me on Instagram for a bit of behind the scenes or on YouTube if you are seeking for for longer Videos and authentic moments of real life.

Credits Photo 1: fridge&plodge / Musiklinie Kollektion, click here to see how I painted my Fashion Collection.
Credits Photo 2: / Read my Interview on the online Magazine "Album der Woche".
Credits Video 3: Leon Schirdewahn-Debring / Musiklinie Improvisation with Moritz Antes in KunstvereinDuisburg.
Credits Photo 4: fridge&plodge / Socks: Musiklinie.
Credits Photo 5: Gloria Ferraro / Musiklinie drawing.

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